Vadium Technology, Inc. provides next generation digital security and privacy solutions. Vadium's groundbreaking technology, AlphaCipher, is a digital One-Time Pad encryption technology platform that enables secure, dynamic, multi-point digital communication and data storage structures by integrating unbreakable encryption, strong identification and authorization with multi-factor authentication into one easy to use, robust tool-kit. From this tool-kit, AlphaCipher enabled applications can be developed for every operating system environment or technology platform as no other solution operates as fast or puts so little burden on system overhead. AlphaCipher protects digital information and communications, at rest or in motion, against attack regardless of resources or time applied. Vadium Technology is a privately held firm with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Vadium is currently in the process of reorganizing its corporate structure. As part of this reorganization, Vadium is transferring substantially all of its assets to a new Washington corporation called AlphaCipher Acquisition Corporation, which at the time of the closing of this reorganization will be renamed Vadium Technology, Inc., and restart full active operations headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We expect that Vadium's reorganization will be completed during Q1 2014.

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