At AlphaCipher Acquisition Corporation (d/b/a "Vadium") we believe that every business, government, organization and individual has the right to control and protect their digital information. Vadium delivers trusted, high value products and services addressing the digital privacy, security and trust challenges that are compromising communication and information networks daily caused by hackers, cyber-criminals and economic espionage artists. Vadium provides the digital security solutions needed to enable real privacy, security and trust solutions for our global customers.

Vadium's AlphaCipher Technology Platform enables customers worldwide to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of digital information, content and communications throughout their information lifecycle, no matter where it moves, who accesses it or how it is used. Vadium does this by enabling secure, dynamic, multi-point digital communication and data storage structures and integrating one-time pad encryption with strong identification and authorization with multi-factor authentication, along with other complementary information security technologies into robust, comprehensive and easy to use end user focused solutions. AlphaCipher enabled applications can be developed for every operating system environment or technology platform and no other solution operates as quickly or puts so little burden on system overhead. Vadium is poised to lead the battle to protect digital privacy, security and trust for customers around the world. The Company is a privately held firm with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

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